Scars don’t

heal. They don’t

fade out, can’t

get wished away

with pills

or talk. The deep

ones stay

fat, puffy

grub worms, your

skin stuffed

full with hurt

and rage.

The quick

licks leave

whispy, white

lines. Just enough

to remember.



I'm so god damn tired, help me tip this can of gasoline.

We’ll test the waves with our toes as it runs rivulets, sets loose rockets and burns through my bones.

I’ll stop by the midnight market and buy sixteen ounces of Canada Dry to mix with the half bottle of whiskey I’ve got in the closet.

And we’ll split the last three Prozacs and plan to live out two weeks of side effects and best guesses, licking salt, iron and mistakes off each other's




She hides goodbye

notes in her bag, next

to the cherry lip

balm and hair ties.

She hides them

behind her

dresser, folded

six times and

torn at the edges

during Civics instead

of paying attention

to Ms. Burke and the Three

Branches. She buried

a good-bye

in the garden, in

the tangles of

mulberry and wriggling

roots. She keeps one

in her pocket, stapled

in an ugly line like

stitches and one

she’s put together

in her head and

intends to slip

into a hymnal

at St. Catherines.

She puts goodbyes

in a journal and in

the margins of the last

book she read

by choice, a copy

of Fahrenheit 451

she stole from her

Freshman Lit class, missing

the front cover.

She hides goodbyes

like Easter eggs

for her family and friends

to gather in baskets

when she’s good

and gone.



I kill you, I kill me — I bleed you, I eat me

don’t blame me

my cannibalism, I’m trying

to keep my fingers

out of your eyes and

my teeth

from chewing you

to bits, so

I’m giving in

and turning

the gun the other

way ‘round




tell me I don’t have to suffer alone when you’re safe on the outside,


see the mess I’m trying to keep from spilling out, squishing the night bugs crawling all over my skin


tell me I don’t have to suffer alone when you are safe from the sharp, shadowed insides

(Suffer in silence Drawing by Fonz Xochicotta)